Klanik, Hakuba, Dragonslayerzzz, Amazing and Vctry participate in the French Cup

For several weeks, the French League Twitter of Valorant reveals the teams that will be present at the the Valorant French Cup. This first edition will take place between the end of October and the beginning of December, with the final stages in physics during Occitanie Esport. This is in addition to the eleven teams already announced, Klanik, Hakuba, Amazing, Vctry and Dragonslayerzzz.

Presentation of the teams

Klanik logo

Klanik : This French team qualified via the very last stage of the Valorant Open Tour France 2022. These young players are determined and will no doubt be looking to defeat the bigger teams.

Hakuba Logo

Hakuba : Team Hakuba players have also secured their place in the French Cup via VALOTFThey reached the final of stage 7. They participated in other stages of the tournament, finishing in 5th/8th place in Stage 5 and Stage 2 in particular. The team is more than motivated to shine on the national scene and to be among the best French teams.

Amazing logo

Amazing Amazing is the third and final team to qualify thanks to theOpen Tour FranceThis team has also tried its luck several times in the competition, after coming third at the last training camp. This team has also tried its luck several times in the competition. In stage 1, they placed 4th. In the next stage, it ends up in the TOP5/8and then returns to the 4th place at stage 6.

Dragonslayerzzz logo

Dragonslayerzzz Dragonslayerzzz comes straight from the Benelux circuit. The team has recently changed its name from Sudowoodoo's. By finishing second in the rumble stage of the Trinity trialsThe team made it to the playoffs. The players made their mark by reaching the Grand Final, a duel that was eventually won by S1 Wings Program.

Vctry logo

Vctry Like the Dragonslayerzzz, the Vctry qualified via the Benelux circuit. This mix of players comes from various teams. They have all competed at a good level and are ready to show their skills in the French Cup.

The competition will start on 27 October and run until 11 December. We look forward to seeing you on the Twitch channel of ZeratoR to follow all Mandatory matches!