Keiti suddenly leaves Cloud9 White

On 13th April, Cloud9 announced the departure of Keiti, a iconic player in the Valorant women's competitive scene.

Keiti started her career on CSGO, where she notably played for Mythic from late 2019 to early 2021. In this team, she finished 4th in the ESEA Season 35: Premier Division - North America. The 19-year-old then switched to Valorant. She joined Cloud9 White as 6th player on 12th March 2021, a women's team created in October 2020. About 1 month later, on 13th April, Keiti left the team.

Keiti, often considered Valorant's best female player, won, with Cloud9 White, the inaugural Game Changers North America, the competition for under-represented genders.

While some thought she would have left Cloud9 for another organisationKeiti said on Twitter that she was taking a short break from playing professionally, and that she was also stepping away from the networks.

It is not known why she has left the team and temporarily stepped away from the competitive scene. We may know more in the coming weeks.