Karmine Corp releases its entire roster

On 21st September, Riot Games announced the names of the teams involved in the various VCT leagues for next season. The Karmine Corp being among those selected to play in the VCT EMEA, it was to be expected that changes are made to the roster. It was therefore no surprise to see the players announce on social networks that they were open to new offers.

Karmine Corp launched on Valorant only a few months ago, to participate in the second split of the VRL France : Revolution. This new roster quickly established itself in the league and became one of the fiercest opponents of our Mandatory team. The players managed to secure a top 3-4 and we hoped to see them fight next year to win the French title this time.

This will not be the case as the Karmine Corp is now one of the teams entered into the VCT EMEA for the 2023 season. As a result, changes will be made to the roster, as players have all been sidelined. Thus, TakaS, mikee, Amilwa, Shin and Newzera all indicated that they were open to new opportunities, although they are still under contract with the structure.

The Karmine Corp, for its part, has not commented on these changes. We also have no information on who will be the replacements of the current team, although some rumours are already circulating on social networks. It is hoped that all the players will be able to find a team and play in the VRL again next year.