JonahP joins Immortals

Since the departure of JcStani who did not wish to renew his contract, Immortals had only 4 players in its roster. To complete it, the team announced the recruitment of JonahP.

Jonah " JonahP " Pulice is a former player of Complexity Gaming, a team that struggled during the Valorant Champions Tour. They were eliminated in the first round of qualifiers for each Challenger in Phase 1 and didn't make it much further in Phase 2.

JonahP is primarily a Sova player, but is also capable of playing Viper and Skye. It will be interesting to see how his picks fit in with those of Genghsta and Rossy, respectively Sova and Viper.

With the replacements of NaturE and JcStani, Immortals will start Phase 3 of the VCT with new strings to its bow. Hopefully, this will allow them to go further than in Phase 2, where they twice stopped in the second round of the Challengers' loser bracket.