JcStani leaves Andbox

Andbox announced last night the departure of jcStani, who is now a free agent after just over two months with the team.

This change comes after Andbox entered a difficult time. The team failed to qualify for the two Phase 3 Challengers, ending up in the semi-finals of the qualifiers on both occasions. As a result of these defeats, Andbox did not qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier and their journey in the VCT 2021 has come to and end.

Unfortunately, jcStani had a lot to do with these results. During their loss to TSM, the player performed poorly with a final KDA of 32/68/15, which greatly reduced his team's chances of winning, as he explained in a twitlonger. This does not detract from his skills, however, this performance likely precipitated his departure from Andbox.

Furthermore, the player explained that his vision of the game was different from that of the organisation and that this separation was ultimately the right thing to do.

With this departure and the end of thwifo's lease, the organisation now has only 3 players in its team, namely yay, mada and vice. On his side, jcStani has announced that he plans to start streaming regularly again by the end of the month.