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JcStani joins Pioneers

After spending a month testing with the Pioneers, jcStani officially joined the team.

The player started his 2020 season at Immortals, organisation with which he achieved a top 2 and a top 3 in the Challengers 1 and 2 of Phase 1. Qualified for the Masters 1 North America, the team only finished in 8th place.

At the beginning of May, the player's contract ended and he left Immortals to join Andbox. His time with them was brief, and he was let go in August, after the team failed to qualify for Challengers 1 and 2 in Phase 3.

Remaining a free agent since then, jcStani began trials with Pioneers in early October. With this new organisation, he participated in the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet October which ended on a top 2. The tryouts having been visibly conclusive, the player joins the roster for the 2022 season.

Already present on Call of Duty, Rainbow Six:Siege and Rocket League, the organisation Pioneers arrived on the Valorant scene during the year 2021. At the end of June, it signed the complete FPL-C roster, which notably distinguished itself during the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship 7 and 9.

The team participated in the Challengers 1 and 2 of Phase 3, where they finished 5th and 8th place. These average results led to a reorganisation of the players. Oderus left the organisation, while scourge, fiziq and skuba were sidelined and released from their contracts. Several players were then taken on trial, including jcStani. A month later, he signed for Pioneers.

At the moment, the roster has only two players: jmoh and jcStani. There are still three vacancies, and the team is still testing for players to join them for next season.