Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL, the Valorant tournament of the Grand Festival Gaming

The pandemic may have won out over physical gaming events, Intel and ESL associate to launch the Grand Festival Gaming, an 100% online event for video game enthusiasts. Four Twitch channels will be launched for the occasion, one dedicated to esports. It's on the latter that Intel and ESL are organising a major French-speaking Valorant tournament: the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL.

This somewhat special tournament gives prominence to the French-speaking talents and personalities. It will be an opportunity to see 4 teams with very different profiles compete against each other over two weekends. That seems worthwhile as no less than €10.000 cash prize is at stake, a large amount for Valorant.

The entire tournament will be streamed on Twitch and commented. Players and casters will be announced throughout the week on the Twitter's channel of the Grand Festival Gaming.

As for the format, the four teams will be gathered in a bracket and will compete in BO3 on the weekend of 14th-15th November from 2pm.

The two best teams at the end of these matches will meet for the Grand Final in BO5, on Sunday 21st November from 1pm.

On Mandatory.GG, we will take care of following this very special competition where we should see unique matches and commentaries. You will also find the best moments on our our Twitter account.