Immortals parts ways with Kehmicals

The Canadian duelist Rhett " Kehmicals " Lynch joined Immortals in January 2021. His integration came during a reshuffle of the roster. Yesterday, the organisation announced the end of several months of collaboration with the player, thus releasing Khemicals from all his obligations.

During his time with Immortals, Kemichals has made several impressive appearances , most notably in the semi-finals of the Challengers 1 - NA against Sentinels. This match resulted in a 2-1 victory for Immortals, at the end of which the player got a very good KDA (61/39/12). Despite their performances and the team's qualification for several major VCT events, the roster failed to win in crucial moments.

In July, Kehmicals was relegated to the bench. This temporary layoff followed the arrival of Truo at Immortals. A choice that did not bode well for the player.

Afterwards, the former Immortals player has been absent from the competitive scene for a month, between the Last Chance Qualifier of the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship in mid-August and the BoomTV Providing Grounds in mid-September. During this period, the Immortals roster had a sixth member. Kehmicals was replaced by EmilShe1n, who joined the team on a trial basis in mid-August. The announcement of his departure was probably foreseen.

Kehmicals has not yet decided whether to continue his career. However, this outstanding duelist, who mains Jett, will undoubtedly find a new organisation to welcome him if he feels like it!

With only 10 circuit points accumulated, Immortals will not participate in the Last Chance Qualifier and will therefore be absent from the Champions. It remains to be seen whether the latest changes made by the organisation will be favourable to him in the next international competitions!