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HyP launches his new team: Cave Canem

Hyp returns today with a whole new team: Cellar Canem. An team with no organisation to support them and with measured ambitions.

HyP's journey has been rather hectic since he started playing Valorant. Initially at the helm of HypHypHyp, he had joined Ninjas in Pyjamas before being benched. He joined team FeaFeaFea, the team of his sidekick Fearoth during the Valorant First Strike before the players split up.

Shortly before his departure from Ninjas in Pyjamas, Hyp told us that we wanted to rebuild a team. It is now done. With him, we find of course Laaw, always present at his side. They're accompanied by LoWkii and APO, two former players of L'Institut. Finally, Khegasi, former player of Overwatch who caught Hyp's eye, completes the roster. They are supported by a coach and analyst, Wipr, former Vitality.

In a stream following the announcement of Cave Canem, Hyp admits that the disappointment with Ninjas in Pyjamas affected him more than he initially thought. That's why he decided to start a less ambitious team. The goal is not to professionalise yet, especially since not all players can give themselves 100% to Valorant. The goal is above all to take pleasure in playing again and to rebuild something from scratch.

Cave Canem will make its debut at the Underdogs, but they don't necessarily intend to win the tournament. This will mainly be a first break-in, in preparation of a participation in the Valorant Champions Tour, at the start of 2021.

Cave Canem players:

Damien "HyP" Souville
Mathieu "LaAw" Plantin
Théo "LoWkii" Téchené
Tom "APO" Bonnion
Adam "Khegasi" Benaouadi
Renaud "Wipr" Malfait (Coach)