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HyP and Fearoth leave Ninjas in Pyjamas

The end of the Ignition Series caused some changes within Ninjas in Pyjamas. HyP and Fearoth lost their place as the organisation was not happy with the team's results. Today, HyP and Fearoth announced that they are no longer part of the Ninjas in Pyjamas.

We had contacted HyP last month, when his future at Ninjas in Pyjamas seemed compromised. At this point, he shared his frustration, but also his willingness to honour his contract. According to him, the only way for him to leeave NiP would be if another team wanted to buy out his contract.

Obviously, things didn't go as planned either on that side. If we believe his tweet, HyP leaves Ninjas in Pyjamas without joining another organisation. Since he's once again free from any commitment, he will potentially be able to launch the team HypHypHyp V.2 that he mentioned at the time of our interview.

It's a similar story for Fearoth, who is also leaving NiP and looking for a new organisation, with players of his level. However, with players of this level, it's difficult to imagine that they will not find an organisation quickly.

On its side, the Valorant team Ninjas in Pyjamas only has 4 players to date. The clock is ticking, as the Valorant First Strike starts in 3 weeks.