How to register for the Valorant Open Tour France

If you are a French-speaking Valorant player determined to show what you and your friends can do, the Valorant Open Tour France is for you! This official Valorant tour, organised by Mandatory and Webedia in association with Riot Games consists of four tournaments. Registration for the second tournament, the Summer Tournament, is open from the evening of 5th to 14th June 2021.

Let's see how to register and participate in the competition.

Before registering

Before registering, we advise you to consult the official website of the event, as well as the schedule and the rules of the Valorant Open Tour France. Then, check that you and your teammates meet the various conditions to participate in the tournaments.

  • All members of your team must be 16 years old or older.
  • All players in your team must have reached Platinum 1 in the Valorant competitive mode.
  • At least 3 of your team members must live in France, Belgium or Switzerland.
    • Please note that substitutes do not count. You must always have at least 3 players who meet the above criteria when you play a game. You cannot have 5 players in Italy and 3 substitutes in France.

Do you and your teammates meet all these requirements? Great! Then we can proceed to registration.

How to register for the Summer Tournament

To register for the Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France, you must first designate a team captain. This captain will be responsible for the registration of their entire team and will be the main contact person for the tournament organisers. All the following steps are to be done by the captain.

  • Start by going to the page dedicated to the Summer Tournament on the Toornament website.
  • Then click on the green button "Register to the tournament".
  • You will need to log in with your Toornament account.
    • If you don't have an account, you will need to create one. (Only the captain needs an account.)
Comment s'inscrire au Valorant Open Tour France - valorant open tour france summer register -

You are now on the registration form for your team. You will have to enter the information about your team, as well as the different players.

For your team, you need:

  • A team name. This is the official name that will be used in the tournament bracket and the one you will be called by during the Valorant Open Tour. Be careful not to write nonsense!
  • Your team tag. This is the tag that will be used in the tournament bracket and that will allow us to recognise the different players on the event Discord. (For example: [GGEZ] Mandatory.)
  • The team's Twitter account. It's not mandatory, but it allows us to promote the team on the broadcasts and social media. Imagine if you made it to the podium, organisations might want to contact you!
Comment s'inscrire au Valorant Open Tour France - valorant open tour france inscriptions 02 -
Team registration

You then have to fill in the form with the information about the different players. As a reminder, you need 5 players. The first five registered will be considered as the main players of your team. You can then register up to 4 additional players as substitutes.

The information needed for each player is:

  • The player's nickname This is the name you will use on the Discord and by which you will be called during the competition.
  • The player's email address. This allows us to contact players and confirm registrations. The address is only given to staff members who need it to send you information.
  • The player's Riot ID. This is the registration for your Riot Games account. You can find it by launching Valorant and opening your friend list. Place your mouse over your nickname and it will appear. Write it in the form as it appears on Valorant (with the #).
Comment s'inscrire au Valorant Open Tour France - valorant open tour france inscriptions riot id -
Trouver son Riot ID
  • The country of residence of the player. As a reminder, you need 3 players living in France, Belgium or Switzerland in your games.
  • The player's Twitter account. This is optional, but if you manage to put 20/0 on ScreaM, chances are that people will want to follow you on social media!
  • The player's date of birth. As a reminder, all players must be at least 16 years old to participate in the competition.

Once you have filled in all the information for all the players, take a moment to check that everything is correct. Read the Toornament terms of use and check the box to confirm that you accept them, if applicable. You can then confirm your registration by clicking on the green button at the end of the page, aptly named "Submit your registration".

Comment s'inscrire au Valorant Open Tour France - valorant open tour france inscriptions 04 -
Finaliser son inscription

Here you go! You're registered for the tournament. Once the registration period for the tournament is over, we will proceed to the validation of the teams. The tournament is open to 128 teams. If there are more teams registered, the teams with the highest average rank will be given preference.

While waiting for an answer in early May, we advise you to join the event's Discord server.