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Hiko believes TenZ is wrong to leave Cloud9

A few days ago, TenZ announced its desire to leave the competitive scene to dedicate himself to creating video content. A decision that Hiko, American champion of Valorant, has difficulty understanding. Indeed, Hiko believes that TenZ shouldn't have left the Cloud9 team.

Even though Cloud9 failed to qualify for the final tournament of the First Strike, no one would dare question TenZ's skills. The young player imposes some of his reflexes and his extraordinary precision. Still, he decided to stop competing for a while, at least until the current health situation calms down.

Hiko, player of the team 100 Thieves having won the First Strike, reacted on Twitch on his decision. According to him, it's a mistake.

He said he's going to try to come back once LANs become a thing, but how long is that going to be? The problem with a new game like this is that I would say TenZ is one of the best players, right now and probably the world. If you don't play comp, you don't scrim, you don't keep up with the meta, all you do is play comp for 6 months or something... I'm sure his aim will still be insane but the problem is that... you're going to fall behind.

His number 1 thing right now is that he's so far ahead of everybody. His mechanics and his understanding of the game is so far ahead of most people right now. So if he loses that, I don't know. I'm sure he'll always be insane but... This is the time where you kind of double down and you cash in on those skills, you cash in on you being so far ahead, instead of just taking a break. That's my point of view.

This is a very valid reasoning and probably shared by many professional players. It must be said that reconversion into a content creator is fairly a common thing for former pros who can no longer perform well in competition. The choice of TenZ, who is only 19, may seem incomprehensible to a professional like Hiko, who's 30 years old.

But this is mostly from the point of view of a player who still has the nerve to participate in the competition. TenZ's decision was likely motivated by a lack of interest in this aspect of the game, whether fleeting or not. We will see if TenZ re-enters the arena in the future and if so, with what success.