Heretics signs Rubino as 6th player

Team Heretics strengthens their ranks and signs Rubino as sixth player.

With most of the teams wrapping up their transfer window in the run-up to the Valorant Champions Tour, the Team Heretics has an easy mind. It must be said that the European champions have lost only one game since the formation of the team. Never mind, with the Valorant Challengers allowing a sixth player to join the squad, the Heretics will not be deprived of it!

This is how we learn the arrival of Ruben " Rubino " Villarroela veteran of the Counter-Strike scene. While he's not to be ashamed of his record in Valve's FPS, he has never competed in an official Valorant competition before. According to a sequence stolen from the stream earlier this month, Rubino still appeared in Team Alliance trials before joining Heretics.

As shown by his comments collected by the website TheSpike, Rubino fully assumes the position of sixth player. Rather than just a substitute, he believes that Valorant's competitive meta will have to change. According to him, the number of Agents makes it impossible for five players to specialise on each of them. He expects more teams to build up with 6 players instead of 5 in the future.

Six-player teams?

Putting together teams of six makes a lot of sense. Most professional Valorant players tend to specialise around one or two Agents. Having a sixth player can therefore offer an interesting strategic flexibility . The composition of a team in a match could then adapt to the opponents or the maps that are played.

Unfortunately, we've already had many examples of great players being benched from their teams because they specialised in an Agent that no longer fit in the meta, or at least the strategic ambitions of a coach. Perhaps rotating players would be a more viable (and healthier) solution to consider your strategic options.

Also, having a sixth player, rather than just a replacement, keeps a team up to speed. In the event that a player could not make a match, this sixth man, just as trained and willing to play as the others, could ensure the match.

Since the launch of Valorant, we've had several cases of teams being forced to forfeit because a player could no longer play a game. We remember Davidp who had to leave urgently during the Blast Invitational. More recently, Dignitas had to forfeit because Oderus' internet connection was no longer working.

Finally, Valorant is full of talented players who are not fortunate enough to be offered contracts. Standardising teams of six could therefore be a beneficial solution for both organisations and players. It remains to be seen whether the organisations can afford it.