Heretics replaces Ardiis with Amilwa

The Team Heretics announced today a few more changes in its team. Ardiis has been temporarily benched and his position will be filled by Amilwa, a newcomer to the team.

Health problems are forcing Ardiis to take a break. The player confided a few days ago on Twitter that he has recently been forced to go back and forth to the hospital. It's true that the player had been more discreet than usual for a few weeks.

He is replaced by Amilwa. This young Frenchman has so far only played in various mixes on Valorant and never in a real organisation or at top level. On the other hand, he benefits from the support of Al0rante, a former comrade-in-arms from the Volvo Peek team who joined Heretics last month, a week after the arrival of Ardiis and PaTiTek.

Ardiis' health problems probably didn't help for the first Challengers of Phase 3. Team Heretics got knocked out early in the tournament. While the player swap with G2 Esports paid off for the latter, it remained to be seen whether Heretics also gained from it. However, with Ardiis out of the running for this last Challengers Phase of the VCT before the Worlds, we may never know what the team would have done at its full potential.