Heretics loses all its VCT points

At the top at the end of 2020, Team Heretics has been in trouble since the beginning of the year. The results are decreasing and the team has lost 5 of its 6 players in the space of a few weeks. This last point is not without consequence since Heretics loses all its VCT points.

Despite disappointing results in Phase 2, Team Heretics still managed to qualify for the Masters of Phase 1. The team won 30 VCT points. Nothing incredible, but a small amount that could very well make the difference in case of further victories in Phase 3.

But no. By making a new team and keeping only lowel, Heretics is going against the VCT rules. The latter require teams and organisations to keep at least 3 of the players present at the time of its registration. Since Heretics earned their points with a different team than its current one, its points are invalidated. This information was confirmed by a representative of Riot Games, contacted by .

It's a system that makes perfect sense. Firstly, it ensures that the teams that will participate in the Valorant Champions will be the best on the circuit. It's the players that make up the quality of an organisation, not the name that is associated with it. Secondly, it's also a security for the players. If they perform well and get results, they become more valuable and it becomes harder for organisations to use them and throw them away when they don't want them anymore.

In theory, this can have unfortunate consequences as well. One cam imagine crazy cases where competing and rather rich organisations can buy the players of a team with limited means but qualified for the VCT in order to eliminate it from the circuit while making nice acquisitions.

In the case of the transfers between Heretics and G2, it's difficult to know who actually initiated the changes. Note that if G2 had won VCT points, they would have lost everything too. Still, if Heretics want to qualify for the Valorant Champions, they will have to start from scratch.