Heretics announces that niesoW withdraws temporarily from competition

The coach of Team Heretics has announced that niesoW was temporarily withdrawing from the competitive scene. The players is said to have major family issues to deal with, which prevent him from being able to dedicate himself to Valorant.

The announcement comes as rumours began to circulate about the player and his future at Heretics. The coach of the team, Tanizhq, decided to get things straight in a Twitlonger.

According to him, niesoW had expressed the will to take a break since the Valorant First Strike, in December 2020. That is why the team took care to recruit a sixth player in the person of Rubino. But since niesoW is a very important part of Heretics, he still agreed to compete on some maps where Rubino was not yet fully comfortable on. Now that the first Valorant Masters is over, niesoW has decided to take a real break. Heretics is ready to welcome him as soon as the situation is resolved.

Team Heretics is among the best teams in Europe. It won the Valorant First Strike and were only 2 short rounds away from winning the Valorant Masters. We will never know if niesoW's personal problems had an impact on the team's results, but we can only hope that he will come back more serene and stronger than ever.