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HATE and allow sign with Jadeite

Jadeite recently announced that HATE and allow, two very good Korean players, have joined its ranks.

Never heard of Jadeite ? Well, that's normal. TheJapanese team, already present on Apex Legends, has just arrived on Valorant and is still building a roster. After announcing thearrival of Noppo as head coach, Jadeite has just recruited two Korean players.

HATE went through several teams during the year 2021. He started the year on DWG KIA, before moving on to DetonatioN Gaming, and finally finishing at TNL Esports. A Sentinel and Initiator player, he has performed very well with Agents like Cypher and Killjoy. He won the Challengers 1 Phase 1, achieved a top 2 in the Challengers Phase 3, as well as a top 3 in the play-offs that followed. He has not been seen in an official competition since then.

Allow on the other hand, has remained loyal to the same team since his debut on Valorant: NUTURN Gaming. But a little while ago, we learned his departure, as well as that of several of his teammates. With the Korean team, he distinguished himself in many competitions. His most notable performances were the top 2 in the Masters 1 Korea, and the top 3 at the Masters 2 in Reykjavik. If he gets his hands on Jett, he can be a formidable player and he should certainly shine with her again next season.

The team must now recruit three players of Japanese nationality if they are to compete in their region for the 2022 Valorant Champions Tour season. We can't wait to see who will be in the roster!