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Guild Esports splits with Yacine, draken and bonkar

The European team Guild Esports recently announced the departure of three of its players: draken, Yacine and bonkar

The year 2021 has been a bit of a mixed bag for Guild Esports, with the team failing to qualify for all the major VCT stages, including the Valorant Champions. The roster lost to Team Liquid in the final of the Last Chance Qualifier, on a score of 3-1.

The duo Yacine/bonkar did wonders in many matches, but it was not enough. However, we will remember some good performances in some regional stages, notably a top 1 in the Challengers 3 Phase 1, a top 3 in Masters 1 Europe, as well as a top 2 at the Challengers 1 Phase 3.

It's now time to take stock, and it was decided that some changes should be made in the players. Thus, draken, Yacine and bonkar were benched at the end of October, just after the defeat at the LCQ, although they had been in the team since its inception. After a month of inactivity, they have just been released by the organisation.

We already know that bonkar and Yacine are looking for a new team in which they can play together, as Yacine stated in a TwitLonger. Regarding draken, no information has been given yet. The player has already taken a career break during the summer, not knowing if he wanted to continue or not. He finally came back a few weeks later, still with Guild Esports. If some rumours indicate that he could return to Counter:Strike, his original game, nothing is sure yet and we'll have to wait a little longer before knowing more.

Leo and Sayf are now the only two players in the team, but should soon be joined by new recruits.