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Guild Esports recruits Bonk

Finally! After months of wandering, Bonkar, Yacine and their teammates have finally found an esports organisation to represent them. Guild Esports, a brand new structure, recruits Bonk.

Bonkar was playing for Ninjas in Pyjamas before getting fired and replaced by Luckerrr, rhymes and HypHypHyp players. Far from falling apart, he made his own team, Bonk, with his sidekick Yacine and continued to participate in the Valorant tournaments in Europe. They than distinguished themselves during the the Ignition Series, succeeding twice in qualifying for the final.

Still, no one seemed to want to sign with them. Worse, Ninjas in Pyamas, in a new squad reshuffle, had recruited one of their player, Sayf.

But their luck has turned. The 5 Bonk players have finally signed with Guild Esports. This organisation, founded in June, is extremely recent and has yet to prove itself. But it can count on unexpected support: that of David Beckham. Indeed, the soccer star is a co-owner of Guild Esports and he plans to invest in the future of esports.

Announcement of the Valorant team

So far, Guild Esports has focused on FIFA and Rocket League, round ball games. This is the first time it tries competitive FPS. The announcement of the Bonk player acquisition came via a trailer to say the least... surprising, but one that shows that Guild Esports seems to have the budget to maintain a team.

Guild Esports is expected to take its first steps on Valorant during First Strike, Riot Games' first official tournament.

Guild Esports players:

Malkolm "Bonkar" Rench
Yacine "Yacine" Laghmari
Leo "Ziz" Jannesson
William 'Draken' Fant Sundin
Filip 'Goffe' Gauffin