Giants part ways with Davidp and Ambi

The Spanish organisation Giants Gaming has just announced that it is parting ways with David " Davidp " Prins and Štěpán " Ambi " Beránek.

They had both joined the roster in August 2021, to replace Ričardas " Boo " Lukaševičius and Michał " MOLSI " Łącki, who had been benched shortly after the team's failure during the qualifier of the Challengers 1 Phase 3. Overall, the start of the season had not been very good, but things improved a bit following the arrival of the two players.

Although the team failed to qualify for all the international events of the year, they still managed to achieve a top 2 at Challengers 2 Phase 3, and win the third edition of the LVP Rising Series. They also finished third in the Red Bull Home Ground #2, after losing to TENSTAR in the semi-finals.

The VCT season ended relatively early as the players could not even participate in the Last Chance Qualifier. In November, changes started to be made, but the organisation separated from separated from hoody, Meddo and pipsoN.

In early December, Davidp and Ambi werre officially announced as inactive in the roster, and were allowed to open up to new offers. A few days later, they were released from their contracts.

It's not yet known where they will play next season, but we should see them both on the Valorant stage in 2022. Davidp has already indicated on his Twitter account that he is looking for a new team.

With these two departures, the team has only one active member left: Adolfo " Fit1nho " Gallego. We can't wait to see which players will join the roster for the next VCT season!