Ghost Gaming recruits Ryann and Koler, Payen is benched

The roster of Ghost Gaming has been in flux lately, with the departure of Wippie for Version1 and the parental leave of Nismo.

In order to restructure the team, Ghost Gaming recruits Ryan "Ryann" Welsh, formerly with Dignitas before the organisation withdrew its men's team from the Valorant scene. He is a player of Omen who will be able to take over the controller position left vacant by Wippie's departure.

But that's not the only change at Ghost Gaming. Nate "Payen" Loper has been benched and replaced by Yannick "Koler" Blanchette, who will be on trial for the time being. The latter has been with Immortals, NRG Esports and more recently beastcoast. This is a second positional placement, as Koler is a player of Cypher.

With these latest adjustments, Ghost Gaming is back to a 5-player roster. They will be able to compete in the upcoming NSG Valorant Open which start today.