Gen.G Esports parts ways with huynh

A few weeks after being benched, huynh announced last night that he is no longer under contract with Gen.G Esports and is officially a free agents.

Danny "huynh" Huynh had been on Gen.G Esports since the team's first steps in May 2020 following the signing of the French Canadians. Under the Gen.G banner, huynh had some great results between mid 2020 and early 2021, including winning the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Invitational and a 3rd place finish at the first Masters NA.

However, after a loss to TSM in the quarter-finals of the Challengers 2 NA qualifiers, Huynh was benched from Gen.G and was replaced a few weeks later by NaturE, who had just left Immortals. Huynh was still under contract with the organisation but was free to explore new options. He is now officially a free agent and able to offer his services to a new team immediately. 

The Reykjavik Masters 2 has been over for a while and the next phase of the VCT will start in the next few weeks. Many teams are making roster changes, which is a good opportunity for huynh to find a new home!