G2 Gozen wins the VCT Game Changers EMEA #3

The third and final edition of the VCT Game Changers EMEA 2021 has just ended. After several very competitive maps, the players of G2 Gozen won against Guild X on a score of 3-1

The two teams had already met in the Upper Bracket final, which G2 Gozen won 2-0. That match-up then led Guild X to the Lower Bracket, where they won 2-1 over Oxxgen Esports. Following this victory, Guild X met up with G2 in the Grand Final, with the goal of getting revenge.

The first game was played on Breeze, where the two teams were neck and neck for the first twenty-four minutes. Then, G2 Gozen decided to take the lead and won round after round, conceding only one more to their opponents. The game finally ended with a beautiful quadrakill by juliano on her Jett, which sealed a score of 13-7

Icebox was the playing field for the second game. G2 quickly took the lead and, despite a rather successful attempt by their opponents to come back, it was not enough. The team won by a score of 13-10, giving themselves three match points. Despite Guild X's defeat, credit is due to the Turkish player Yağmur 'Smurfette" Gündüz, who did a great job finishing with a KDA of 31/16/1.

This third game could have been decisive, but Guild X was able to recover. The game, played on Ascent, ended with a score of 13-10. If we were to vote for a MVP on this map, it would clearly be Smurfette. Incredible on Jett, she single-handedly secured several rounds and in particular the 4th, where she made an incredible Ace. She finished her game with a KDA of 29/13/3 and contribute strongly to offer this point to her team.

Despite this great comeback from Guild X, it was not enough. After conceding the previous map, G2 players decided to speed up and finish off their enemies. This last game on Split started off very well, with G2 leading quickly with a score of 6-0. The situation was reversed during the rest of the game, with Guild X making a nice comeback, until the score was 10-10. If everyone thought for a moment that there would be a fifth game, it was not to be. G2 won the next three rounds and ended the game with a score of 13-10, as well as the BO5.

The players of G2 Gozen are therefore officially the Champions of the third edition of the Game Changers EMEA 2021. A great performance when you consider that the roster has only been playing under the G2 colours for a month. Congratulations to them!