G2 Gozen wins the Game Changers EMEA #2 2022

They are unstoppable! This Sunday 8th May, G2 Gozen repeated the feat by winning the Game Changers EMEA #2, their third consecutive victory in the competition.

The Grand Final of the second edition of the Game Changers EMEA 2022 took place on Sunday 8th May and once again opposed G2 Gozen at Guild X. The two teams had already faced each other twice in the final, but as one says, things always come in threes.

After winning the third edition of 2021 and the first 2022 edition, the G2 players won again by beating their opponents 3-0. They almost made a clean sweep, conceding only two maps in the entire competition.

Hostilities began on Breeze in a very aggressive manner. G2 Gozen drew first blood and won the first five rounds. However, this did not impress the Guild X players who fought back to win the next six rounds, led by aNNja and Smurfette, masterful presentations on Chamber and Jett. At half time, the two teams were neck and neck with six rounds on the clock for each side. Once the roles were reversed, G2 redoubled their aggressiveness to offer a near perfect defense that was impossible to pass. They went on to win a series of rounds to finally seal the score 13-8. A very strong performance by zAAz, juliano and mimi.

The second map chosen was Ascent and the match was uncertain until the very end as it required extra time. This time it was Guild X who opened the scoring by winning the first two rounds, quickly followed by three G2 victories. Determined to show that this was not their third final for nothing, the Guild players then stepped up their game and responded by securing no less than five consecutive rounds. They were outplayed by some very aggressive attackers, including a Smurfette exemplary on Jett. The G2 Gozen had to bend the knee in this first phase of the game, which ended 8-4 for Guild X. However, beware of selling the bear's skin before you have killed it. After going on attack, the two-time EMEA champions redoubled their efforts to win in eight straight rounds. Finishing the second phase of play at 8-4, leading the score at 12-12, they forced overtime which ended in their favour. Ascent thus ended in 15-13 for G2, despite an excellent performance by Guild X.

For the third and final match, the players faced each other on Icebox. This was the tightest card of all as both teams went back and forth from set to set, so much so that the first phase of play ended at 7-5 and the second at 6-5. However, although the score remained close throughout the match, G2 Gozen managed to keep a slight lead and thus win 13-10 against Guild X, thanks to a final ace of juliano.

This is the third victory that the G2 players can add to their record of achievements. For the moment, the MVP of the competition has not yet been decided but the title will be decided between zAAz, aNNja and mimi, who was already the MVP of the previous edition. Feel free to vote on the Twitter account of the Valorant EMEA Champions Tour to vote for the player who you think played the best during the event.

Once again, congratulations to G2 Gozen and we can't wait to see if they can also win the Game Changers EMEA #3, which starts in September.