G2 Gozen wins the first Game Changers EMEA 2022

They did it a second time! Already crowned champions of the third edition of the Game Changers EMEA 2021, the players of G2 Gozen repeated the feat this Sunday 6th February by beating, again, Guild X.

It was a final that had an lingering sense of déjà vu. G2 Gozen faced Guild X again in the Game Changers EMEA Series 1 Final, and both teams dominated the Upper Bracket, defeating their opponents in turn. G2 only conceded one map in the entire tournament, in the Grand Final.

This one started on Icebox, where the first rounds were very close. G2 then took the lead, leading 8-3. But Guild X didn't let it happen and quickly came back to the score. They even regained the lead, thanks in particular to a great job by Cinnamon, who was very effective with Sova. We can also note the great performance of Mimi, with a superb clutch on roud 24. Finally, the map went on until G2 Gozen won it 16-14.

The second map was Split and offered the opportunity for Guild X to avenge its previous defeat, while winning the only map of the match. The game was a fast-paced affair, ending in less than thirty minutes. Guild X players opened the scoring quickly and gave their opponents almost no chance. They dominated throughout and eventually won 13-4.

After this defeat, G2 Gozen recovered and triumphed over the next two maps, Ascent and Bind, by respective scores of 13-7 and 13-4. They closed the BO 3-1 and won their second Game Changers EMEA title, having already beaten Guild X 3-1 in 2021. With this victory, the roster is one step closer to the final global event at the end of the year, which will bring together the best teams from each region.

Although the players have only been playing together for a few months, they showed that they had managed to achieve a good team cohesion quite quickly. As usual, Juliano was formidable on her Jett, but the MVP title went to Mimi, , who did a monstrous job during the whole game. Congratlations to her and her teammates for this new victory!