G2 Gozen, the first Valorant World Champions

After several months of fierce competition, the G2 Gozen and seven other teams gained access at the Game Changers Championship, the final tournament of the season. The Grand Final, which was played on Sunday 20th November, saw an epic clash between the G2 and the North American team Shopify Rebellion GC. The match, full of emotions and twists and turns, ended in victory for the Europeans. Mary, mimi, juliano, Petra and Glance became the first Valorant World Champions!

G2 Gozen leads the EMEA region

The G2 Gozen was founded in October 2021. In their first tournament, the players finished third on the podium. The G2 Gozen went on to dominate the EMEA circuit, winning three successive EMEA Game Changers. Only the last final of the season slipped through their fingers. This defeat did not prevent G2 Gozen from reaching the final at the first ever Game Changers Championship, a tournament dedicated to the best women's teams in the world.

From the first day of competition, the players showed their efficiency and talent. First, they won their opening match against X10 Sapphire, before giving a small correction to the Cloud9 White. This double set the tone and demonstrated their desire to take the trophy.

G2 Gozen then faced Team Liquid Brazil in the final of the upper bracket. Once again, victory did not escape them. They thus secured their ticket to the final stage of the tournament.

An extremely close final...

Just over a year after their entry into Valorant, the G2 Gozen found themselves finalists in the biggest women's tournament. For this match, they faced the Americans from Shopify Rebellion GC. With the absence of their coach Shopify Rebellion was at a distinct disadvantage for the match.

However, the players almost won the competition. But that was without taking into account the mental strength of their opponents! A look back at an intense and emotional final.

Game Changers Championship final set.

The first period on Pearl did not allow either team to gain the upper hand, and it was a perfect tie at the break. The story was very different in the second half. On the Attack, the Shopify Rebellion players went on a winning streak, so much so that they ended up winning the map 13 to 9.

An almost identical scenario occurred on Bind, the second map of the evening. The two teams traded wins in the first game, but this time G2 led by two points at the changeover. This slight delay did not dampen the determination of Shopify Rebellion, who again took the lead during the rest of the match. They closed the map in style, 13-9, after six successive victories.

At this stage of the competition, the G2 Gozen have their backs to the wall and have no room for error, while their opponents must remain focused to win a third and final point. In both cases, the pressure is extremely heavy...

It would have been easy for the Europeans to lose interest after the first two hours of play, but it was not to be! Once on Ascent, mimi and Petra were uncompromising and went on a multi-kill spree, so that G2 Gozen led 11-1 at the end of the period. Two more wins were not enough for Shopify Rebellion to turn the tide. The team eventually lost 3 to 13.

Galvanised by this crushing victory, the G2 Gozen entered the fourth map full of hope and determination. The Americans' defensive efforts were in vain. They found themselves totally at the mercy of their opponents, who had taken off for another victory by winning ten out of twelve sets in Attack. In just under thirty-five minutes, G2 Gozen won 13-2 on Icebox.

Despite the defeat, the action of the match was indeed for flowerful, Shopify Rebellion player. In the tenth round, she gave herself a beautiful ace. Here is the proof in video!

A little over three hours have already passed when the ten finalists are dispatched to Breeze, fifth and final map of this Championship. With a win rate of approximately 90% against 60% on this map, G2 Gozen started off with a statistical advantage.

They didn't let the numbers lie and took a serious lead in defence, winning no less than nine rounds. Buoyed by Petra and Mary, the Europeans were not slow to score the missing points and concluded the map with a score of 13 to 5.

In doing so, the G2 Gozen obtained a third victory, a necessary condition for the title of Best players of the world 2022, and thus lift the first Game Changers Championship trophy.

Mary, the prodigy to watch!

G2 Gozen's latest recruit is none other than the young Mary. In addition to becoming one of the first Valorant World Champions, she was crowned with a second title on the night, namely the MVP.

When she joined the team, zAAz and the managers already saw in her a huge potential. At only 16 years old, she is a true FPS prodigy. During the final, she showed all her talent and accumulated 83 kills and 21 assists with his Chamber.

When asked about her feelings after this great victory, she expressed her joy and pride at being able to represent her country, but also took advantage of this magical moment to address all the girls of Bahrain:

I am so happy to represent the Middle East and make it! If you put something in your head, a vision, a goal, whatever it is, you can always do it. Believe in yourself, because I made it today and I can't believe it...

St. Mary's Hospital - Game Changers Championship final set