G2 Gozen wins the VCT 2023 Game Changers EMEA 2 award

The players of G2 Gozen continue to dominate the Valorant sports scene in the EMEA region. After winning the Game Changers EMEA Series 1, they picked up another title this weekend, beating FUT Female in the Grand Final of this second tournament of the 2023 season. In doing so, the G2 Gozen brought home a fifth trophy in the windows of their structure.

A tough group stage

One month after the end of the first EMEA Game Changers of 2023, Marythe young star player of G2 Gozen, has chosen to temporarily withdraw from the competition to devote himself to his studies. The Spanish structure was then obliged to recruit a new talent, and it was in Sarah Amed that she has placed her trust in. She quickly had the opportunity to show what she was capable of, as the Game Changers EMEA Series 2 kicked off just three days after the announcement of her recruitment.

G2 Gozen started the new tournament in Group A, alongside Karmine Corp GC and KPI Shine. During this stageEach team faced off against the seven other contenders, with only the four best performers in each group earning a place in the play-offs. Unsurprisingly, mimi and her cohorts won most of their matches and came second in their group. Despite this fine performance, not everything has been as easy as it seems.

In the last Game Changers, the reigning world champions finished second in the group with six wins and one defeat, and had won thirteen of the fifteen maps played. This time, they finished with five wins and two defeats to their name. And more, they did not win only eleven of the eighteen maps contested and conceded more sets overall. This slight drop in performance did not prevent them from qualifying for the playoffs, however. It's also possible that these results are linked to Sarah's very recent inclusion in the roster.

Score of the G2 Gozen team during the group phase of the GC EMEA Series 1 of the VCT 2023.
Score G2 Gozen - Group A - GC EMEA Series 1
Score of the G2 Gozen team during the group phase of the GC EMEA Series 2 of the VCT 2023.
Score G2 Gozen - Group A - GC EMEA Series 2

A smoothly run play-off

During the next stage, Petra, mimi, Glance, roxi and sarah proved to be very effective. Unlike the previous Game Changers, they never dropped out of the top bracket, so they are now out of the competition. victorious in all three matches that separated them from the Grand Final. On their way to the final duel of the tournament, they defeated Case Hydra 2-0, then BBL Queens 2-1, before beating Acend Rising 2-1 in the Upper Final. G2 Gozen's new recruit even scored a magnificent ace in the semi-final.

Fifth title for G2 Gozen

Unexpectedly, it wasn't the players from BBL Queens, Acend Rising or even KPI Shine who took on G2 Gozen in the Grand Final. The second finalist in this Game Changers is none other than FUT Femalewho narrowly qualified at the end of the group stage.

By finishing fourth in Group B, the team automatically joined the lower bracket during the play-offs. dati, Julis, Lyda, Ness and SmurfetteThey pulled off a surprise by beating some of the region's best teams one by one. After an easy win over Anonymo Female, they went on to knock out BBL Queens and then Odd 1 OUT. In the Final of the lower bracket, FUT Female was monstrously effective and sent Acend Rising crashing to the matwinning three cards in a row 13-9.

At this stage, they still had to beat G2 Gozen to lift their first EMEA title. Determined to upset the favourites in this match, FUT Female threw themselves heart and soul into the Grand Final, going into extra time in the first game. Unfortunately for them, their opponents didn't let them down, and went on to claim victory on the final whistle. Fracture. Led by Glance and its Omen, the undisputed leaders then folded up Lotus.

The match could have been over with the next card, but the FUT Females had no reason to be downhearted. Despite falling behind, they never gave up, quite the opposite in fact. The efficiency of Smurfette and de ness paid off in the end, as they emerged victorious over Pearl. Everything was still possible, as the match was played in BO3.

Determined to get it over with, the mimi/sarah duo created sparks on HavenIn the second half, G2 Gozen went from strength to strength, racking up triple and quadruple eliminations as well as clutches. At the end of the first half, G2 Gozen were leading 10-2, and it didn't take long for them to score the missing points and take the lead. pocket a fifth Game Changers tournament title.