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[Update] G2 Esports to part ways with Davidp

[Updated 21 December 2020]. It is confirmed: Davidp has left G2 Esports. The announcement was made on 21 December 2020.

The end of the Valorant First Strike is the opportunity for each team to take stock of their performance on Valorant. Obviously, the failure of the favourites in the semi-final seems to push the organisation to make some changes. G2 Esports is about to part ways with Davidp.

In any case, that is what is said by neL, reporter specialised in Counter-Strike working for the site 1PV. Pyth would also be with his head on the block, but should keep his place.

Besides the loss, this choice would be motivated by the desire of G2 Esports to recruit a true leader, able to put the team on the right track. Even if Mixwell is officially the team captain, it has appeared on numerous occasions that pyth was the shot-caller. A unofficial position in reality, G2 Esports being keen to set all players on an equal footing.

That's G2 Esports' problem. Described has having a "chaotic" style of play, the team wins its games due to its impulsiveness and the technical quality of its players. Sadly, it became clear that seer talent was no longer enough on the current scene. Tactics and strategy are gradually taking their place in Valorant. The two finalists of the First Strike illustrated this very well, each in their own way.

However, Davidp was not unworthy. G2 Esports took a long time to give him an official place in the team. He was more that once the player to whom the team owed the victory. But visibly, first arrived, first dismissed.

It remains to wait for G2 Esports to formalise this departure. If so, one wonders if they already have a replacement in mind.