G2 Esports wins the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup

After three days of fierce competition, we have our winners. G2 Esports triumphed over Bonk and won the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup. This is their third victory on the official Riot Games competitive circuit.

Mixwell, Patitek, Pyth, Ardiis and Davidp have once again proven themselves to be the best players in Europe and have not conceded any map throughout the tournament. The roles of each player seemed perfectly defined and they adapted to their opponents' strategies in a remarkable time.

Their supremacy is clear, but for how long? The team got used to flying over the competition, but showed serious weaknesses for the first time during the Ignition Series. Bonk may not have won a single map, but they can be proud to have disquieted the triple champions.

G2 Esports so won our second tournament and the €10,000 promised to the winners.

G2 Wins the Mandatory.GG Cup

Final recap

Game 1 - Haven

It's on Haven that the final began, G2 Esports starting in defense while Bonk was on attack. In the first rounds, it looked like G2 had things in hand. Mixwell on Jett and Ardiis on Sova where in charge of spotting the Bonk's movements and eliminating one or two in the process. But the former Ninjas in Pyjamas team weren't there to be just going through the motions. By progressing cautiously around the BP, even if it means launching their assaults at the last moment, bonkar and his allies succeed to equalise (3-3).

G2 adjusted very well to this strategy thanks to the teleportation of Patitek on Omen, able to break out the traps set by Bonk and stab them in the back. From then on, G2 Esports and Bonk traded tit for tat. Even after sides' switch, it was impossible to separate the two teams. Bonk's defense was very strong, despite the absence of a Sage on the team. Yacine's mission, on Jett, seemed to be to eliminate the G2 healer played by Davidp. A plan that has paid off on several occasions, until Pyth on his Cypher and Ardiis on Sova started to protect her. From then on, G2 managed to regain the advantage and ruin Bonk's economy. Despite strong defensive attempts, the team was forced to concede the first match to G2 on a score of 13-9.

Game 2 - Ascent

The scenario seemed to repeat itself on Ascent. G2 Esports took the first 3 points before Bonk caught up, this time thanks toAron 's gadgets on Cypher. The mid then became a hostile zone for G2, unable to cross the square without being eliminated by an Operator. Unfortunately for Bonk, the game got completely out of their hands when G2 switched to defense. Despite superb actions from Sayf and Yacine, the individual perfromances weren't enough to worry their opponents' defenses. G2 Esports won the second round on a 13-8.

Game 3 - Bind

For the third time in a row, the match started with a clear advantage for G2 Esports, able to win the first 4 rounds. And once again, Bonk managed to catch up by winning the next 5 rounds. Bonk used the abilities of Breach (Sayf) and Brimstone (ziz) to trap and isolate its opponents. Raze (Yacine) and Sova (Bonkar) then took care of eliminating them with their explosives. The talents of Mixwell , however, allowed G2 to reach half-time with a score of 7-5.

The magic no longer worked for Bonk once they were in Defense. They were unable to stop any assault from G2. Yacine announced that Bind was his team's favourite map and they were going to turn the tables, but they ended up getting crushed the same way they did in the semi-finals against Ninjas in Pyjamas. G2 Esports was impeccable and finished this third and final match with a score of 13-5.

Congratulations to G2 Esports for this victory. Congratulations too to Bonk who has nothing to be ashamed of. And our sincere thanks to all the players who participated in the tournament, as well as all the viewers who came to watch the competition.