G2 Esports withdraws its Valorant team from VCL America

G2 Esports has announced the withdrawal of its Valorant team from VCL North America. Just like TSMHowever, poor results in the play-offs put an end to the club's ambitions.

G2 Esports dominated the Valorant stage at the game's launch, before gradually fading from favour once the official circuit had been established. The European-based structure was exported to the United States at the end of 2022 when his application to join the VCT EMEA was rejected. The antics of its then leader, Carlos 'ocelote' RodriguezThese were costly in terms of image. G2 Esports decided to try and break into the VCL North Americaas a sort of reboot of its history on Valorant.

For this new adventure, they had poached players from major teams such as Sentinels and Version1Despite qualifying for the VCT, the youngsters were given the opportunity to play in the VCL. Like TSM, the structure got off to a flying start in the American league, reaching the Split 1 final against M80 in March 2023. But since then, the structure has won only one of its matches. Catastrophic results that sounded the death knell for the American team.

G2 Esports has therefore announced that it is parting ways with all of its players and coaches, with the exception of ShahZaM. The star player, who has over 1.7 million followers on Twitch, will remain with the company as an ambassador and content creator.

Unlike TSM, who announced that she would be returning to the next Challengers, G2 Esports has not announced a possible return to the Valorant main circuitin both the United States and Europe. For its part, G2 Gozenthe women's team, continues to dominate the VCT Game Changers scene, winning its first three games of Split 2.