G2 Esports joins the VCT Americas in 2024 with the ex-roster of The Guard

Recently, G2 Esports has announced its return to the highest level of competition on Valorant. The Spanish firm has signed former players from The Guard. In doing so, it has acquired the slot for the League of the Americas of 2024, which they won at the NA region's Ascension tournament. The current roster includes JonahP, neT, trent and valyn. This is a great opportunity for G2 Esports to restore its reputation.

G2 Esports ruled Europe

Shortly after the release of Valorant in June 2020, the first competitions were held around the world, including of the G2 Esports Invitational. Not only did the Spanish firm quickly become involved as a tournament organiser, but it also took the plunge as a competitor just as quickly. At the time, she signed mixwell as captain of its future roster.

And the least we can say is that the newly-formed team has made a real splash. More than that, mixwell, paTiTekpyth, ardiis and Davidp have quite simply dominated the European circuit. Together, they won the Vitality European Open, before going on to win the Mandatory.GG Cup then to emerge victorious from the BLAST Twitch Invitational.

With zeek to replace DavidpG2 Esports is taking part in the inaugural Valorant Champions Tour in 2021. After such dominance on the regional scene, many expected the team to shine. However, the reality was very different. During the first phase of the VCT, G2 Esports had to make do with 5th/8th place in the three Challengers.

These inconclusive results led to various changes to the roster These are sensible changes, as the new combination offers improved performance. In particular this team ended Sentinels' winning streakduring the Berlin Masters. Despite finishing a creditable 3/4th in the tournament, G2 Esports missed out on qualification for the inaugural Valorant Champions.

The following year, the new roster doesn't get much better results. Untimely changes of captain - mixwell and Keloqz - probably didn't help the team's cohesion. Even if they managed to qualify for the Masters in Reykjavik and finish third in the VCT points rankingShe missed out on the Valorant Champions once again. The reign of G2 Esports is definitively over.

The failed partnership

After two editions of the Valorant Champions Tour, Riot Games has decided to review the overall format of the VCT for the 2023 season. As a result, the group has unveiled a brand new system of international leaguesTen teams from each of the three regions were invited to take part.

Given its involvement in the Valorant scene since the first year of the FPS's life, it seemed only natural that G2 Esports should try its luck in both the EMEA and Americas leagues. Although it seemed certain that G2 Esports would secure a slot on the American circuit, Riot Games' announcement put an end to its hopes of a franchise. Against all expectations, G2 Esports did not appear on the shortlist.

In reality, the surprise wasn't if surprising. Shortly before the identities of the selected structures were revealed, the Spanish organisation found itself at the heart of a controversy following a tweet from Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguezthe former CEO and founder of G2 Esports. In his message, he stated that he had the right to go out and party with the people of his choice. The statement was a response to the criticism he had received. because of a video of him with Andrew Tate. Even though Riot Games has never validated or invalidated the fact that G2 Esports was ultimately not chosen for either League because of this story, it is possible and likely that it played a part in the balance.

Afterwards, the G2 Esports roster has been released from its obligations. The firm then tried to bounce back by joining the VCL North America with some new players, including the talented ShahZaM and dapr. Unfortunately, the results did not live up to expectationsThe start was so good, it was a disaster. And again, the group has separated from its representatives and his future on the Valorant scene has become even more uncertain.

A new start for G2 Esports

The uncertainty surrounding the future of G2 Esports has now been dispelled. Recently, Riot Games has announced its participation in VCT Americasas its eleventh partner team. In fact, it secured its slot by signing the former members of The Guard, JonahP, neT, trent and valyn.

Throughout the 2023 season, these players demonstrated their expertise. They reached the final of both Splits, before winning the Ascension Americas tournament. It was thanks to this last competition that they secured their place in the Americas League in 2024. Unfortunately, The Guard failed to comply with some of Riot Games' requests, resulting in to withdraw its participation against the wishes of the players. The general lack of understanding surrounding this decision probably played into their hands, as a few days later, they decided to go ahead with the project, Riot allowed them to keep their placeprovided they are taken care of by an organisation.

Now their future is secure, at least for a while, and G2 Esports has an experienced team ready to return to the top! But before that can happen, the team will have to find a fifth member, because tex left the team in mid-September. We can't wait to see what happens to G2 Esports in 2024.