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G2 Esports recruits Zeek

Since the departure of Davidp, the Valorant scene has been waiting for the player who will take his place among the ancient kings of Europe. The wait is over, as G2 Esports has just announced they've recruited Zeek.

Zeek is a former player of ThoseGuys, before joining the second team of Nolpenki. Nolpenki hit hard as they reached the quarter-finals of the Valorant First Strike. They ended up losing to FunPlus Phoenix, but Zeek had already been very convincing by this point.

On the side of G2 Esports, the team have been looking to reinvent itself since losing at the Valorant First Strike. Davidp is the one who paid the price. Rumours suggest that the recruitment of a new manager and a move of all players to Berlin also was underway. Until now, the team relied heavily on its natural talent, but ended up getting passed. So it's time to structure all of this.

The recruitment of Zeek is interesting, as he's the only player on the team who hasn't come from the Counter-Strike scene. Indeed, he's a former professional player of Fortnite. Perhaps his unique perspective is what G2 Esports lacked.

We will have confirmation of this in a few weeks, at the launch of the Valorant Champions Tour.