G2 Esports recruits keloqz and removes pyth from the roster

While a big roster change has already been made in recent weeks, G2 has announced the arrival of keloqz to replace pyth.

Cista " keloqz " Wassim is a former player of Megastitut, a mix between L'Institut and Megakich made for the Valorant Open Tour France. An association that bore fruit as the team won the Spring Tournament of the circuit! This victory has undoubtedly allowed keloqz to prove what he is capable of, so much so that G2 wishes to pay for his services and thus recruited him a few days ago.

Keloqz is a duelist player and more specifically of Jett. This role was previously held by Oscar " mixwell " Cañellas Colocho, but judging by his picks in the qualifiers of the first VCT Phase 3 Challengers (Killjoy, Cypher and Viper), he now seems to have been assigned to the role of controller.

This recruitment is accompanied by the departure of pyth. The latter is currently on G2's bench but is allowed to explore new opportunities. Thus, only mixwell remains out of the original roster of G2.

As a result of all these changes, the G2 roster to start the VCT Phase 3 is composed of mixwell, AvovA, koldamenta, nukkye and keloqz. The team is well on its way to qualifying for the first Challengers as it has already made it to the final qualifiers tonight!