G2 Esports – Ozzy temporarily replaces Zeek

G2 Esports has announced the arrival of Ozzy in their team. He temporarily replaces Zeek, the latest addition to the team.

G2 Esports team has been in turmoil for a good six months now. Not only are they not winning tournaments anymore, they are not even qualifying for them. Phase 2 started last week and G2 failed again to qualify for the Challengers 1 play-offs. Something is clearly wrong with the team and they're going to do something about it.

All G2 Esports players will soon be moving in a gaming house in Berlin, as they have been planning for some time. They will then be able to follow a rhythm of life and training adapted to the competition. Of course, COVID-19 is putting a stop to this, but Zeek's father has also contracted the disease. The player is therefore unable to join his teammates.

It's in these conditions that Ozzy arrives. The moderately successful former DreamChasers player will temporarily join G2 Esports in Berlin. He will take on the role of Controller for the team in the second (and final) Challengers of Phase 2 of the VCT 2021.

Without their usual roster, the G2 Esports team's chances of qualifying are likely to be diminished. Unless Ozzy provides a much needed boost to the former kings of Europe?