FunPlus Phoenix separates from Meddo

The FunPlus Phoenix were among the favourites for the European Valorant First Strike, but they failed in semi-final against SUMN FC. So they're making changes, like many other unhappy teams. In a bid to change the direction of the team, FunPlus Phoenix separates from Meddo.

Meddo learned the news the day before the announcement and said he was surprised at the time, but the final decision would have been made by mutual agreement.

According to reports heard by TheSpike, the decision to part ways with Meddo is unrelated to his personal performance. FunPlus Phoenix would like to revisit the style of play and the complete orientation of their team, and that requires a change of player.

Meddo was the appointed Cypher of his team. Separating from such a gifted player in control and information seems to indicate that the Phoenix are aiming for more aggressive gameplay, perhaps similar to what is done in the United States with three duelists.