FunPlus Phoenix receives its Masters 1 awards

A few days ago, we learned that the FunPlus Phoenix could not not participate in the Masters in Reykjavik. However, Riot Games has announced that the team will still receive an award despite their absence from the event.

It was the team that won the first EMEA Challengers of the year, after beating G2 Esports 3-1 in the Grand Final. However, it will not be present at the Reykjavik Masters 1, the team was not able to gather its entire roster. Indeed, the health crisis and the current situation in Russia and Ukraine will have had the better of the Phoenix. It is therefore Team Liquid that will replace them.

Despite this lack of participation, it was announced that Riot Games was considering a financial compensation to reward them for finishing top 1 in the EMEA region and for their qualification to the Masters. It is now a done deal, the team will receive $25,000 as well as 200 points for the VCT circuit.

This is the award that the players could have achieved by finishing in 8th place, the lowest position they could have reached. Indeed, as seed 1, the team was supposed to be exempted from the group stage to go straight to the playoffs and thus be at least in the top 8.

As for Team Liquid, who took FPX's place, they will not receive the 55 VCT points earned for their 4th place during the Challengers EMEA. Their reward will be equivalent to their placement in the Masters.

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