Format of the Valorant French Cup

The first edition of the Valorant French Cup will start in a few weeks. In total, sixteen teams will compete one last time during the 2022 season. All are hoping to win the tilte of best French team. We have prepared an article to help you better understand the format of the tournament and to make it easier to follow the competition.

Like most tournaments on Valorant, the French Cup will be played according to the double-elimination format. In this type of format, the competition tree consists of a top bracket (also known as the winner bracket) and a bottom bracket (commonly known as the loser bracket). The advantage of this format is that each team plays at least two matches, and that they all have the right to a second chance after a first defeat.

Throughout most of the tournament, all matches will be BO3. The finalists will have to be even more tenacious, as they will compete for the trophy in a BO5 this time.

The first matches will take place on 27th October. See you on ZeratoR's Twitch channel to make sure you don't miss out on any future Mandatory matches.