Format of the Valorant French Cup 2023

The new edition of the French Cup is about to begin. This year's competition features a total of twelve French-speaking teams. The tournament format is different from last year. To help you better understand and follow the Cup, we've summarised all the key points in this article.

Unlike last year, the French Valorant Cup will not be based on a single double-elimination tree. For this edition, the organisers have opted for a two-stage format: a group stage followed by the playoffs. The first will run from 21 to 24 September, while the second will take place from 28 September to 1 October.

During the group stageThe twelve qualifiers are divided into two groups of six. Over the first two days of competition - 21 and 22 September - each team will play just one match. On 23 September, one group will have one match to play; in the other group, the teams will have two matches to play on the day. On 24 September, it's the other way round. All matches will be played in BO1.

At the end of this phase, Only the top three teams in each group advance to the play-offs. Note that the winning team in the group automatically earns a slot in the semi-final.

At of the playoffsthe Coupe de France 2023 uses a single-elimination bracket. In other words, any defeat is eliminatory. The quarter-finals will be played in BO3. The semi-finals and final will be BO5 for even more spectacle.