Follow-up and results of the Allied Esports Odyssey (Ignition Series)

Welcome to our follow-up of theAllied Esports Odyssey, the fifth European tournament of the the Ignition Series. You will find all the information related to the format, the results or the scores of this tournament, as well as the review of the important points throughout the week of competition.

This is an interesting tournament in many ways that we advise all Valorant fans to follow.


G2 Esports won the final against FunPlus Phoenix; 2-0 in the final BO3. G2 has been intransigent, but FunPlus Phoenix is far from unworthy, especially for a brand new team.

Congratulations to G2 Esports who wins its 4th Ignition Series tournament in a row.

Tournament Bracket - Group stages - The Format - Teams - The Stream
Recap: Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5

Tournament Bracket

Allied Esport Odyssey Tree
Bracket of the Allied Esports Odyssey

Group stages

Win = 3 points | Tie = 1 point | Defeat = 0 point

1Team Liquid32011
2FunPlus Phoenix2309
3G2 Esports2118
4Ninjas in Pyjamas1125
5BBL Esports1043
6Giants Gaming0323
Results at the end of Day 5

The Format

As we said in introduction, the Allied Esports Odyssey is an interesting tournament for two reasons.

At first, it has an interesting format. Six teams meet in group stages. The top four qualify in a double elimination bracket. This is the most classic competitive format in esports, but one that has rarely been applied to Valorant so far.

Secondly, it's the first tournament to involve only professional organisations. No mix or amateur teams. Of course, we already know each of the players, but the teams are now clearly established. This is the first tournament of Fish123 representing Team Liquid and the first tournament of FunPlus Phoenix who recently composed a team with players from FABRIKEN and PartyParrots.

The group stages take place throughout the week with three matches per day. All the teams meet during BO2. A win gives 3 points, a tie gives 1, and a loss earns 0 point.


G2 Esports
Team Liquid
Ninjas in Pyjamas
FunPlus Phoenix
Giants Gaming
BBL Esports

The Stream

Like all Ignition Series competitions, you can follow the tournament on Twitch. You can choose the international stream of the French stream.

The tournament so far

Day 1

On the first day, even if G2 Esports is, as usual, intransigent, the other matches ended in ties. G2 Esports, led by Davidp, has made short work of BBL Esports. However, the score was very close between Team Liquid and FunPlus Phoenix, the latter having won the second map after over-time. Same scenario during the duel opposing Ninjas in Pyjamas against Giants Gaming, during which luckeRRR performed extremely well.

Day 2

No tie on the second day. Team Liquid beat Giants Gaming by inflicting a 13-4, then a 13-1. The scenario seemed to be the same in the match opposing Ninjas in Pyjamas against BBL Esports, with a first game ending on a 13-3 for the French. BBL Esports has however recovered on the second map, thanks to the performances of russ. Although Ninjas in Pyjamas won the BO, they had to do so during over-time.

The duel G2 Esports against FunPlus Phoenix however, was very special. The two organisations have been rivals since FunPlusPhoenix won the League of Legends World Championships against G2 Esports. Unfortunately, this match didn't go as planned.

FunPlus Phoenix was realising the unthinkable. In the first map, they managed to beat G2 Esports (10-13), which was already an achievement. The mixwell team hadn't conceded a map for a month, at the WePlay! Invitational. The second map was very tight, but a personal emergency prevented Davidp from playing at the end of the match. G2 Esports decided to continue the match in 4v5, well aware that their chances of winning were slim.

FunPlus Phoenix won this match, but no one was in the mood to celebrate. Davidp had received very sad news. ANGE1, a FunPlus Phoenix player, reacted on Twitter and said that this victory didn't count as an interruption of G2 Esports' record.

The Mandatory team would like to express its support to Davidp and his close ones.

Day 3

The third day confirmed the expected balance of power. G2 Esports, despite the problems of the day before, won its maps against Ninjas in Pyjamas. As its players have always said: when one of them isn't able to play at their best, another player redoubles their efforts to compensate. Davidp's score was unusually low in these matches, but Mixwell gave us a real demonstration of power with 42 kills for only 28 deaths.

Team Liquid, who is arguably the second best team in Europe, also crushed BBL Esports. ScreaM was particularly efficient during this encounter.

Finally, the encounter Giants Gaming against FunPlus Phoenix ended in a tie. The latter particularly suits FunPlus Phoenix in the scoreboard, while the chances for Giants Gaming to continue the competition seem almost nil.

Day 4

This fourth day leaves no doubt about the four teams that will advance to the final bracket. Now the teams are fighting for seeding.

Once more, BBL Esports wasn't particularly impressive. They get their fourth loss in four days, this time against FunPlus Phoenix. They have no chance of qualifying now.

The surprise is to see Giants Gaming draw a tie against G2 Esports. They even came close to winning the BO2 as the second map went to over-time, ending in 18-16 in favour of G2. Once more, we can't say that G2 is playing in the best possible conditions. It's therefore difficult to draw conclusions from these matches.

Finally, Team Liquid once again proved its strength, beating Ninjas in Pyjamas. L1NK and ScreaM really called the tune. All of rhyme's efforts weren't enough to prevent the defeat. Team Liquid therefore goes first in the ranking and should not be overtaken, unless they lose their last game on Saturday against FunPlus Phoenix.

Day 5

We only saw one victory during the fifth and last day of the competition... but what a victory! BBL Esports, who lost all its matches so far, won both map against Giants Gaming. Both teams have the same number of points in the competition scoreboard, but since Giants Gaming has no wins, the team drops to last and will not receive any cash prize.

The match Ninjas in Pyjamas against FunPlus Phoenix ended in a tie. The two teams seem to have a fairly equal level, the results being rather close and the performances comparable. This tie allows FunPlus Phoenix to maintain its second place overall. Ninjas in Pyjamas couldn't go up or down anyway.

Finally, the encounter G2 Esports against Team Liquid looked like a final ahead of time. G2 Esports has been relentless on Ascent. This is their map, and they proved it once again, finishing on a 13-4. On Haven, on the other hand, ScreaM went into a murderous rage. No less than 31 kills (for only 11 deaths) on a player is usually a score you see after a BO3. It's hard to predict who will win at the end of the tournament.