Fnatic wins the Tokyo Masters of Valorant

At the end of 10 days of frenzied competition, Fnatic achieved the feat of winning his second consecutive major by beating Evil Geniuses at the Valorant Tokyo Masters. The final was played over just 3 maps, but the match was closer than it looks. While Fnatic dominated Lotus, Evil Genius came close to winning Split and Bind.

All the Fnatic players had the opportunity to shine, but the performances of the following are particularly noteworthy d'Alfajer and the entries devastating Derke who regularly gave Fantic the numerical advantage. For Evil Geniuses, hope rested on the shoulders of de Boostio and EthanBut they were put to the sword by their opponents' impeccable play and Boaster's reading of the game, who always seemed to have guessed what they were up to.

The two teams had already faced off in the Winner's Final, where Evil Geniuses managed to beat Fracture. As the only map Fnatic conceded in the entire Tokyo Masters, it was no surprise to see the Europeans banish it from the final. PotterAfterwards, coach Evil Geniuses said it was the first time her team had already known they'd lost just by seeing the maps' picks & bans. Despite this rather defeatist admission, she also promised that this situation would never happen again before giving Fnatic a date for Valorant Champions.

Fnatic's victory is a major event, as it's the first time a team has won two Valorant majors. And back-to-back majors at that. Until the VCT LOCK//INThe Fnatic team was known as the eternal runners-up; always solid and consistent, but unable to win in the final. The curse seems to have been lifted this time. By beating #1 seeds from all over the world, Fnatic are undoubtedly the best Valorant team to date.

This contrasts with the reputation of the EMEA region in recent months. Potter herself did not mince her words at an interview with The Spike, where she said: "Europe sucks. I knew America was number 1 when I came to this tournament, but I only see Fnatic as potential title contenders"..

In any case, by winning the Tokyo Masters, Fnatic has secured a place in the Valorant Champions, as well as opening up a new slot for the EMEA region in the world championship. For teams that have not yet qualified, the competition will resume with the Last Chance tournaments in July, while the Champions will take place in October 2023.