Fnatic recruits Derke and Magnum

Following disappointing results in recent months, Fnatic decided to change two of its players. We learned a few days ago that Tsack and Moe were no longer in the active roster. Fnatic announced the recruitment of Derke and Magnum to replace them.

Nikita " Derke " Sirmitev is a Finnish player who used to play on the CIS scene of Valorant. Since the end of last year, he has been playing as a duelist for CrowCrowd. The team won the Challengers 1 and 2 in Phase 1 before finishing third in the CIS Masters. His departure leaves a big hole in his team, which also lost hvoya two days earlier.

Martin " Magnum " Penkov is a Czech player who has been active since the launch of Valorant. He has had excellent results in minor tournaments for the team Avenue Esports. However, he has only participated once in the VCT and lost to Guild Esports while playing for a mix.

Derke is a duelist players while Magnum almost exclusively plays Cypher. It would seem that Fnatic is looking to beef up their game, which has previously shone mostly on strategy rather than raw talent. The arrival of a Cypher player may also be a game-changer, as the team only played him on Split.

Challengers 2 starts tomorrow. This will be an opportunity to see the first steps of this new formation. Tsack and Moe have been released from their contracts and are looking for new teams.