Fnatic benches Mistic

The Valorant Champions are now over, sealing the 2022 VCT season. It is now time for the mercato and some teams have already started to make changes. On the side of Fnatic, it's Mistic who has just been benched.

James " Mistic "Orfila is a former Fortnite player converted to Valorant for over two years now. After playing for several small teams during 2020, he joined Fnatic for the start of the VCT 2021 season.

Last year, the English structure performed well, finishing in the second place in Masters 2 Reykjavik. In 2022, the results were a little more mixed. The players finished in the 3rd place of the first Challengers of the year, qualifying for the Reykjavik Masters. This first international event was not a success as the roster was eliminated in the group stage after finishing last in their pool.

Following this defeat, Fnatic signed with Enzo and Alfajer, which allowed him to win the Challengers 2 EMEA. With his new team, Mistic then moved on to the Masters 2 Copenhagen where the results were more encouraging than the previous time, with a top 4 secured. There was only one event left: the Champions. Despite a good performance in the group stage, Fnatic fell into the Lower Bracket after losing to XSET and was eventually eliminated by DRX, ending the season on a top 5-6.

Now that the competitive year is over, it is time to make some changes and that is why the English structure has taken the decision to put Mistic on the bench.

As the player announced, he is now open to new opportunities to play in the VCT next season. Hopefully he will be able to find a team and be back at his best in 2023.