Fnatic benches Doma

Croatian player Domagoj "Doma" Fancev has just been benched by Fnatic, a few days after the team's defeat in the Valorant Champions quarter-finals.

Doma was one of the players in SUMN FC, the roster signed by Fnatic in early February 2021. Their start in the season was complicated, with rather average results in the three Challengers of Phase 1. The team has therefore undergone some player changes. Tsack and Moe were benched and replaced by Derke and Magnum.

After these changes, Phase 2 went much better. Qualified for the Reykjavik Masters, the roster finished in second place after losing the final to Sentinels 3-0.

After this very good result, the season became difficult again. The players did not make it to the Berlin Masters, but their top 2 finish in Masters 2 gave them enough points to qualify for the Valorant champions.

During Champions, the roster came out on top of their group in group stage, but were then defeated in quarter-finals by the Chilean outsiders KRÜ Esports.

Now that the season is over and Riot Games has announced changes for 2022 VCT, the organisation has expressed a desire to take a new direction. This player change is not the only one.

Following a year of highs, lows & conflicted VCT results, we’ve been considering greatly the future path of our Valorant roster. Heading into 2022 we have decided to move into a new direction and as of today, Domagoj ‘Doma’ Fancev has been moved to the inactive roster of our Valorant team. [...] This is the first of a variety of changes we will take in order to create a lineup that will see as much success as possible come next season.

Colin 'CoJo' Johnson - Team Director

It is therefore to be expected that more players will leave the organisation in the coming days. Doma, on the other hand, will be allowed to try out for other teams, and it is hoped that he will find one for the 2022 season.