Valorant First Strike NA – TSM and 100 Thieves in final

Just like in Europe, it's been a month that the Valorant First Strike NA has been raging. The qualifying formats were different, but the final event is the same and the final will be played on the same day as the European final. Today, only TSM and 100 Thieves are left to claim the title of North American Champions of Valorant.

Day Program

Valorant First Strike NA - TSM and 100 Thieves in Final - valorant team logo tsm -



Valorant First Strike NA - TSM and 100 Thieves in Final - valorant team logo 100thieves -

100 Thieves

Sunday 6th December, from 9pm ( Stream EN )

TSM, as strong as ever

The TSM had quite a fright at the start of the Valorant First Strike. They failed to qualify for the main event the first week being beaten by 100 Thieves. Since then, the team has regained its composure and a series of victories.

The most impressive is undoubtedly the one against Renegades in the quarter-finals of this Valorant First Strike NA. An expeditious confrontation which saw TSM win in two maps with scores of 13-1 and 13-5. They were equally convincing in the semi-finals, against Team Envy, with a Gala Subroza. They qualified for the final with a 13-7 and a 13-5.

But as strong as they may be, their opponents in the final will be none other than the 100 Thieves, the very ones who knocked them out in week one. It's going to be time for TSM to prove it was just a small mistake.

100 Thieves, the resurrection

The 100 Thieves were at their worst for many months. The original team couldn't get enough results and were taunted on social media. Exasperated by this state of affairs, Matthew 'Nadeshot' Haag himself got very upset and took advantage of the delay between the Ignition Series and the First Strike to change 4 of his players..

A choice obviously paying off, as 100 Thieves has never been so impressive. They qualified for the First Strike NA main event in the first qualifier, beating TSM and Sentinels, the continent's two favourite teams. In the home stretch to the championship title, they defeated T1 in the quarter-finals and Sentinels once again in the semi.

It should be noted, however, that 100 Thieves victrories are never as overwhelming as TSM's. They win by the sweat of their brow, and usually by a narrow lead. This is what partly makes them so fun to watch. But this time around, face more raging TSMs than ever.

Valorant First Strike NA - TSM and 100 Thieves in Final - valorant firststrike meta -

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