Valorant First Strike EU Format

The the Ignition Series are over. As we review this tournament series, Riot Games is preparing their first official home circuit, the Valorant First Strike. In a new article its official website, Riot gives the first details about how it works.


The Valorant First Strike is a global event, but divided between the servers. There won't be a world championship after it ends, at least that doesn't look like it's planned. It's easy to imagine that the health situation is at the origin of this decision.

The purpose of this competition is to reward the teams with the most merit, regardless of their status. Pro and occasional players will therefore be in the same boat.

There are, however, limits imposed in order to remain within a legal framework and to filter participants: all players must be at least 16 years old and have reached the Immortal 1 rank in ranked games. The rank restriction is quite flexible, you don't have to be Immortal 1 at the time of registration, just having reached that rank in Act 2.

Valorant First Strike EU Format

1st step - Qualifying tournaments
Week 1: from 9th to 12th November
Week 2: from 16th to 19th November

Although the Valorant First Strike is open to everyone, you'll have to hang in there to get to the final bracket. Four free qualifying tournaments will take place between 9th November and 19th November 2020. There will be two per week.

These tournaments will be played in direct elimination matches (Best of 1). Suffice to say that error will not be allowed. In contrast, teams that fail in a qualifying tournament are free to try their luck in the next tournament.

The top 16 teams from each tournament qualify for the next stage. There will therefore be 32 teams qualified in Week 1 and 32 other teams qualified in Week 2.

2nd step – Qualifying finals
Week 1: 13th November
Week 2: 20th November

Each week's top 32 teams meet in a new single elimination bracket. Once again, the matches are played on a single winning match.

The 8 best teams of each week qualify for the play-offs.

3rd step – Play-offs
Week 1: from 14th to 15th November
Week 2: from 21st to 22nd November

The top 8 teams of each week meet in a single elimination bracket. This time, the matches are played in two winning matches (Best of 3).

The top 4 teams from each week will qualify for the main event which will be held in December.

4th step - the Valorant First Strike EU
From 3rd to 6th December

There will only be 8 teams left at this time of the competition. The teams will meet in a new direct elimination bracket. Quarter finals and semi-finals will be played in two winning matches (Best of 3).

The final will be played between the two best teams on 6th December 2020, in a match in 3 winning matches (Best of 5)

The winners of this last match will be crowned European Champions of Valorant.

There are still some grey areas, especially regarding the choice of maps and the seeding of matches, but more information should be communicated by then. In the meantime, the aspiring champions know what to expect and can now prepare for the qualifications.

The Format of the Valorant First Strike EU - valorant firststrike meta -

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