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Mid-Week 2 Update – First Strike EU

The second week of the Valorant First Strike in Europe is in progress. The last two open tournaments are over and with them, the hopes of many teams. We take stock of the remaining teams, a few hours before the qualifying tournament.

The favourites still competing

There were still 269 teams registered at the start of the week, now only 32 remains ! All the teams that failed this week are now disqualified and will not be eligible for the title of European Champions.

The 32 teams are divided in the last bracket and will participate in the second Qualifying Tournament for the Valorant First Strike. Among them, we find all the favourites and some nice surprises. None of the big teams have failed on the way, which tends to lend credibility to the format of the European tournament.

Topping the list, there's Guild Esports. Former Bonk players were about to qualify last week before Riot Games decided to cancel their victory. They would indeed have used an unauthorised bug during their match against G2 Esports.

The Ninjas in Pyjamas are also qualified, as well as nolpenki, need more DM, Prodigy, BIG and Vodafone Giants, all the teams that were the heyday of the the Ignition Series in Europe.

France is going strong right now

On the French side, we are not left out! No less than 4 French-speaking teams have managed to qualify for this tournament.

Once again, we find the Opportunists as well as L'Institut. The Opportunists unfortunately lost to FunPlus Phoenix in the final of the first qualifying tournament. The seeding is rather favourable to them this time around, their toughest opponents probably being Vodafone Giants.

The two new French-speaking teams in this bracket are ROG Esport and team FeaFeaFea. ROG Esports fought really well throughout the first week, so it's no that surprising to see them make it this far. Unfortunately for them, if they want to qualify, they will have to beat need more DM and Ninjas in Pyjamas. For FeaFeaFea, it's the resurrection. Fearoth's team had lost all of their matches during Week 1. After a successful weekend at the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL, the team seems more wound up than ever. However, they will have to beat Prodigy in the first round.

What's next?

The Closed Qualifier start at 5pm, this Friday 20th November. Each team will play two matches in BO1. These matches will once again not be streamed.

At the end of this day, there should only be 8 teams left. These 8 teams will meet on Saturday and Sunday to compete in a BO3. These matcheds will be broadcast on the official channel of Valorant Europe.

The winners of these Bo3s will qualify for the First Strike and will therefore join G2 Esports, Team Liquid, FunPlus Phoenix and SUMN FC.

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