Valorant First Strike EU – Week 2

We now have all the teams that will participate in the Valorant First Strike Europe ! The last qualifying tournament came to a close this week, and the least we can say is that the results are not what we expected. We made an update mid-week 2, back to the big winners of this last stage now.

Qualifier for the Valorant First Strike

Week 1:

  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • FunPlus Phoenix

Week 2:

  • nolpenki
  • Prodigy
  • Purple Cobras
  • Team Heretics

Back to the Closed Qualifier 2

There a few big teams left in the qualifying tournament in the middle of week two. And yet, only one of them will participate in the First Strike. This second and final qualifying weekend was an opportunity to see several upsets.

We note first the qualification of the team nolpenki facing Enterprise Esports, Saturday afternoon. If the victory of the Lithuanian team is not surprising, it's mainly the fact that they managed to beat Guild Esports the day before that is. Guild Esports is a team that is on par with G2 Esports, but missed the qualification in Week 1 by a referee decision. After a fierce fight on Friday night, it was nolpenki who won and qualified for the final.

That doesn't mean the game against Entreprise Esports was easy, though. Things even started very badly, with a victory on Haven for their opponents. After an expeditious victory on Ascent and a final meeting in Split, again at loggerheads, the small Lithuanian team finally secured their place in the Valorant First Strike.

The second match of the weekend brought together the French of L'Institut and the players of Prodigy. L'institut was particularly strong on Split, winning the first map by a score of 13-4. LowKii was absolutely monstrous there and we couldn't see how Prodigy was going to be able to get through. And yet, Prodigy made short work of their opponents on Ascent (13-5) and Bind (13-9). Prodigy therefore adds two French teams to its tally, having already beaten FeaFeaFea in the first round.

The third match is one of all surprises. The Purple Cobras, who won against the Opportunists last week, managed to bring down Ninjas in Pyjamas and Need more DM. The cobras won the first map squarely 13-4 against Need More DM, before the clashes got closer. M4china and Hugstar have undoubtedly carried their team by fully assuming their role as aggressive duelists. The Purple Cobras, whose squad includes two French, two English and one Icelandic, have therefore qualified for the First Strike.

Finally, the fourth match opposing Team Heretics at Team Finest was probably the fastest we've seen of any official Valorant competition to date. The Team Heretics simply slaughtered his opponents, winning Ascent by a score of 13-3 and Bind by a score of 13-2. It was the Turkish player, pAura, who was the first to impress, with no less than 35 kills for just 14 cumulative deaths... while playing Cypher and Killjoy.

Last step: the First Strike!

Now that we have the 8 qualified teams, they have two weeks to prepare for the European Championship. The Valorant First Strike will take place from 3rd and 6th December, and we expect to see some news regarding its format and bracket very soon.

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