Valorant First Strike EU – Week 1

The first week of the Valorant First Strike in Europe is over! No less than 3 tournaments have taken place, with 194 teams in the competition. The road to the European Championship is particularly intense, and you had to have eyes everywhere to follow the results. We give you a recap of this Week 1 of the Valorant First Strike EU.

Results of Week 1

After countless games in the first week, only four of them had the opportunity to qualify for the main event on 3rd December. All others start from scratch for Week 2.

Qualified for the Valorant First Strike EU:

  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • FunPlus Phoenix

Three tournaments in a week

The two first tournaments consisted of a series of matches in a winning map, a format specific to upsets. Unfortunately, these matches were not streamed or officially cast. All we can know are the results. However, there were no real surprise. The favourites that we've seen in the the Ignition Series have all qualified, whether at the end of the first or second open qualifier.

On the French side, there were many teams competing. Many failed in the open qualifier, including FeaFeafea that didn't win a match. But we can be satisfied to see that the Opportunists and L'Institut, which we already had the pleasure of seeing play during the Occitanie Esports, have succeeded in passing this first stage.

A disputed Closed Qualifier

All the teams that survived the open qualifiers ended up in a new bracket for the closed qualifier. There were the big teams that rocked the European scene since the launch of Valorant: G2 Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, Team Liquid, Guild Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, or even need more DM, BIG, Giants and nolpenki. The creme de la creme of Valorant in Europe was therefore once again concentrated in an new tournament.

Among the matches, the match G2 Esports against Guild Esports surprised more than one. Bonk's alumni have indeed managed to beat G2 Esports in 8th final. But their victory has been cancelled out and the team disqualified when it was discovered that they had resorted a bug involving Killjoy and Sage. In the end, G2 had the right to play the qualifying match against Ninjas in Pyjamas. These qualifying matches were played in BO3.

Qualifying matches

These were the first matches broadcast on Twitch, as well as on several maps. The victory led to First Strike, but defeat brought back to scratch. In other words, these games were not taken lightly.

The match between G2 Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas was particularly interesting. This is the first time that the new line-up of the Ninjas has been officially seen in action since the departure of HyP and Fearoth. The team re-built around Sayf, former Bonk to whom many promise a very bright future. The player has a very aggressive style, very "American", which revolves around Raze and Phoenix, an Agent we don't really see in Europe. Him and rhyme delivered strong performances. They weren't enough to worry G2 Esports, however. Ardiis and paTiTek formed a formidable duo on Ascent, while Mixwell on Jett, supported by Davidp on Breach, were Haven stars. In the end, G2 Esports won the BO in 2 maps (13-9, 13-10). Despite their defeat, the Ninjas in Pyjamas were seen in better shape than even, which should bode well for the future.

The second qualifying match was between Team Liquid and Prodigy. ScreaM has made short work of his former team. He ditched Reyna in favour of Jett, and the results were there. While the game was hotly contested on Ascent (13-11), the team led by Ec1s inflicted a severe correction on Split (13-5). On the Prodigy side, Happy, the French player, is the only one to have had a positive Kills/Deaths ratio.

The third match was the opportunity to see our Frenchies in action! The Opportunists made their way to the gates of qualification. They just had to defeat FunPlus Phoenix, which is no small feat. The task turned out to be too hard, despite a great map start from the Opportunists. The Phoenixes have twice reclaimed the ascendancy without every returning it. Note the score of Zyppan, 30 kills for only 11 deaths on Bind, as well as the nerve of Ange1 who played Viper and did very well with her.

The fourth and final match brought together two much lesser-known teams: SUMN FC and eXiLe eSports . The First Strike has for itself that it allows all teams to participate, as long as they have the necessary level. SUMN FC, led by Boaster, a former professional player of CS:GO, has proven to be one of the best European teams. The aggressiveness of doma on his Raze was particularly impressive. The player scores a total of 50 kills on the entire BO3. The Lithuanians of eXiLe have no demerits, but their efforts weren't enough to make a real difference. However, the advantage was passed from one team to the next. Thanks to their victory, it's hard to imagine the players of SUMN FC remaining without an organisation for very long.

And now?

Now, with the exception of our 4 qualified, everything has to be done again for all the teams that participated in this first week of the Valorant First Strike. As of this writing, Week 2 is about to begin, still with almost 200 teams and 3 tournaments to win.

This second week is also the last. The slightest defeat in the Open Qualifier, which starts 18th November, signs the end of the team's ambitions.

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