Valorant First Strike EU – Day 2: Quarter-Finals

The main event of the Valorant First Strike continues with the last two quarter-finals. Yesterday, G2 Esports and Team Heretics have qualified for the semi-finals. Today, it's the turn of SUMN FC, Purple Cobras, FunPlus Phoenix and nolpenki who will face off in two new BO3s.

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Friday 4th December, from 5pm

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Day Program

FunPlus Phoenix

2 Vs 0
2 Vs 0

Purple Cobras

SUMN FC vs Purple Cobras

This third quarter-final is perhaps the most interesting we have seen. SUMN FC strategies were so good that we can undoubtedly say that they prepared very rigorously for the tournament. The players of the Purple Cobras perhaps had the technical ability to compete, but clearly not the tactical.

The whole first match rested on Mistic's shoulders. Viper made short work of the Cobras on Bind. Mistic perfectly put all the qualities of the poisoner in the spotlight, be it creating formidable one-ways and masking real ambush, or deploying puddles of poison on her adversaries while being at the opposite side of the map. His use of the Toxic Screen was also flawless, making it impossible for the Cobras to get to a site without having to cross the poison wall at least twice. But in addition to his mastery of Viper's tools, Mistic was also an exemplary fighter, finishing with a score of 19/5. Special mention to Moe, almost as deadly as his colleague and who knew perfectly how to support him with extremely precise arrows. SUMN FC won the game 13-4.

On the second map, we would see the other face of SUMN FC: its fighting potential. In particular that of Doma. The player was madly aggressive, rushing towards his enemies in defiance of his own survival. And the rest of the squat followed the rhythm as much to cover his back as to take advantage of the diversion he created to plant the Spike. Despite some good plays from Cobras, notably VlaDéDé and Hugstar, they could never really worry SUMN FC which was more than convincing. It will be a formidable opponent for G2 Esports in the semi-finals.

FunPlus Phoenix vs nolpenki

The last quarter-final between FunPlus Phoenix and nolpenki was much more explosive and hectic than the last. Rather than map management, it has mostly been played on mastery of combat, peeks and crossfire.

At this game, the teams were more or less equal on Bind. The difference is that FunPlus Phoenix have a Zyppan in their team. The player clearly made the difference in the duels. The Viper of ANGE1 was nowhere near as decisive and effective as Mistic's. On the side of nolpenki, it's Jesmund and Aron who tried to carry their team, often cleverly bypassing FunPlus Phoenix. When they were down 9 rounds to 3, they managed to back up with a 7-rounds winning streak that started to make the Phoenixes doubt. We could see the players getting angry or desperate on their webcams, before they recovered and ended the map on a 13-10.

Once on Split, ANGE1 kind of woke up. At the helm of his Omen, he forced some already lost fights, including a 1v2 with only 6 HP and with the opposing Spike already planted.

Nolpenki started the game very well however, leading 5 rounds to 1. Zeek and Jesmund were once again every effective. But unfortunately, cNed, who is usually the team's main asset, seemed completely elsewhere. The player made a lot of mistakes, forgetting to watch the nooks and crannies and getting killed almost for free when he rotated, so he finished the map on a score of 6/17. Ange1, Shadow and Zyppan, perfectly supported by Shao and Meddo, were then able to take advantage of the numerical superiority to put 9 rounds to nolpenki.

FunPlus Phoenix ultimately won this second map with a score of 13-7. They will face SUMN FC in semi-final.

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