Guild Esports disqualified at the gates of First Strike

This weekend, the first Closed Qualifier of the Valorant First Strike EU was held. The top 64 teams from the Open Qualifiers played against each other, off-stream, until only 8 teams remained. The biggest surprise happened in 16th final: Guild Esports managed to beat G2 Esports. Unfortunately for them, they victory was invalidated due to the use of a bug.

The bug in question gives the Defenders a significant advantage on Ascent, and it's on this map that the game was played. As it turns out, Sage is able to place her Barrier Orb on Killjoy's Turret. Used around Ascent's Site B, this technique gives a player perched on the wall a choice point of view. From there, the player can see and shoot on their opponents, from B Main to the shop, without them being able to really respond.

Bug Illustration

Riot Games took the decision to cancel Guild Esports' win on Saturday morning, disqualifying them from the Closed Qualifier, in favour of G2 Esports. An understandable decision, but hardly accepted on both sides. At Guild Esports, players believed that they had found an innovative and empowered strategy. It must be said that Sage and Killjoy have been available for 4 months now and this interaction was known, without having been corrected. On G2's side, Pyth felt that even without using this technique, Guild Esports would still have won the game, as the team was superior that day.

The sanction is however accepted on both sides, despite complaints from fans on both camps. Guild Esports is not banned from the competition, but they will have to start from scratch in the third Open Qualifier.

There is not much to worry about. Guild Esports is a team made up of former Bonk players. They have proven over and over again that they're among the best teams in Valorant and one of only two teams capable of beating G2 Esports, the favourites in Europe. So we hope to see them qualify, with art and style.

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